Bending Oaks High School


Bending Oaks is a limited-enrollment private high school located in Dallas, Texas. For 30 years Bending Oaks has provided a supportive learning environment that can rebuild a studentís confidence in their abilities, get them on track to graduate from high school, and off to college. Contact the school to discuss your situation. Accredited by AdvancED. Late enrollment available.

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"The best school ever! Prior to coming to Bending Oaks, my son struggled in school. We constantly had to hire tutors and seek out additional help. He (and us) were convinced that college was not in his future. After starting Bending Oaks that has all changed. Not only has his grades has his confidence level. Even better, he loves going to school now and is actually LEARNING. All the students bond and become a tight knit group which eliminates the typical stressors of the public school system and the teachers are the best. Thank you Bending Oaks. You have made a ROCK STAR out of my son who was convinced he wasn't smart enough to be successful."

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